I like me

This morning I registered for a global marketing summit, a value of $149US, for FREE. I’ll get to hear from International speakers – experienced and knowledgeable, and receive certification, for learning from these practitioners.

I got this because I asked. Simple, I asked for it. The power inherent in my heart and mind is able to vibrate forward in an unswerving motion. The intensity of my intentions can clear forests and move mountains. I’ve been forming a new foundation for my life based on faith – faith in myself. I am a creator, and things manifest out of that belief. I’m training my mind in a pattern of thought and my heart in a pattern of feeling that is fueling my life now in lopsided proportion. My opportunities are beginning to largely outweigh my resources.

If I had two pennies in the bank to rub together, it wouldn’t make me MORE equipped to produce success in my life. The reality is that it doesn’t make me LESS equipped either. My mental and emotional state produces that, and nothing else. Out of nothing, can come something. The question is, what do I believe, about myself? I do not look at my circumstances, I look at my thoughts and train that instead – my circumstances will follow.

I took time out of my life in 2017 and spent long days just thinking, planning, dreaming, meditating and speaking affirmations to my soul. I spent time healing my chakras, speaking with my ancestors and most importantly, speaking to my soul.

I came out of this liking my self 100% more than I did at the beginning. I’m still coming out in many ways – coming out of my own restraints and the ceilings I once placed above my own head.

Rebuilding my life would not have been possible had I not evaluated myself. The shame I see some people carrying about their authentic life journey is not the shame I want to carry – being ashamed of their growth and feeling lesser than because they are growing? Because your life doesn’t look like someone else’s? No, I am a work in progress and no-one but me gets to validate that. I hold my head very high knowing that I am doing what is right for ME.

In 2018, life has been testing all those new mental tracks I’m forming. Professionally, I’ve gained increased clarity on what I can offer to my clients and to the world. Sometimes the things you DON’T want re-inforce the things you DO want. Personally, I’ve gained a backbone, and learned the value of my emotional content as a human being. I’ve slowly unwound myself from negative emotions, and subsequently, people.

I like me, and I believe in me, and THAT is a currency. I’ve started to engage and position myself in ways I never would have before when my identity was obscured. Who I was had been hidden by who I’d been told I was.

I shake off all your boxes and I’m becoming very adamant about guarding the space my vibrations occupy.

I am bootstrapping my life toward my own version of success. I have no apologies to give. No fucks either.

Janessa, Janberry and JM™ to the world. I’m the one who’s excited to see it all continue to manifest. Bless your heart if you do, and bless your heart if you don’t.

– light, love and loose, honest tongues to ya!

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