I deserve my desire

It’s an age-old myth. Only ugly women love other women. Beautiful women love men.

I’m beautiful they say, and thus only a man should have me. I won’t spend time breaking down ‘beauty’ – this post is too short for that, but bear with me on one end of this supposed logic.

As I grow older, I’m confronted almost consistently by comments about finally finding the love I deserve, and as a lagniappe, they say, a man might do it better. Since I’ve not found a woman to do it well, a man surely would.

I’d just like to put it out into the universe that what someone deserves is likely very much akin to what they want. Deservedness is not another one of those finicky societal constructs. Even if one deserves (is worthy of) a thing, the elation in receiving it is inextricably linked to one’s desire for it, otherwise, the gift serves the giver only.

To simplify – it serves me no good to receive a man if I desire a woman. I have neither earned nor want this ‘merit’, if in fact, it is meant by those of pure intentions to say that I deserve good love. Another woman is as capable of giving me the love I deserve, as I am of receiving and returning it.

To be fair, this is the very origin of the word ‘deserve’ – to serve devotedly…a task for which I am enthusiastically capable and deserving…and just for clarity sake, of a woman.

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