If I cross the line, it cannot be undone
Your hormones are talking to me
And your touches no longer feel friendly
And I, well I take any opportunity to get closer inside the gap made by our standing space
I feel your stares and feel the warm impression they leave on my face
I know you’ve always been sweet on me
And I have slipped in many lines about you in my poetry
Over the years since knowing you
But am terrifed to approach you
Will our beautiful and pure bond
..if I finally make it all the way inside the gap formed by our standing space
And let my body do what it wants to
Let my lips tell you our truth
I know you know that I know you know too
But once it’s said aloud
We won’t be able to go back to..

I’m sorely conflicted
and I’ve always been
And maybe that’s just meant to be our secret
Don’t know how much longer I can keep it
Girl, you’re a star..
And you’re glowing
Every day you get more and more beautiful than you’ve ever been

to be continued..

– janberry © 16Apr2019 8.06am

[This poem very well may never have a conclusion. I think some things in life are like that..]
Photo Credit: Getty Images

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