Island Antiquity

Island antiquity
It could disarm you
Buh doh let it mamaguy you
Strange and sour
It have a sweet way of play
Every island have it own sing song way to say
“We cyah be trusted!”
If only it was so easy
And we knew that from birth
So dat we wouldn’t live with so much hope
What we build from the colonial matchsticks?
I know de Queen’s English well enough to teach my nephew
That when he speak it
People will look at him differently
But we eyes so shunted by the sun
That we will look at him the same.
Another little Caribbean boy
with a Scottish name.
Island antiquity
Caribbean identity
Forged from the love of liberty
My particular anthem say
But I don’t trust that freedom
Because it take me 37 years to
break free of my island mentality
And wish more for myself than the ceiling of high tides
I am a global citizen
A denizen
An alien
I can live anywhere
Because I have English,
And Island antiquity.

– janberry © Feb2019

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