I used to be terrible at peeling oranges. The skin would end up hacked off in a chop session and I’d have to eat my oranges with big gashes in them..a very messy affair. It’s not that he ever volunteered, because it seems he took pleasure in peeling my oranges for me, but one day I asked my father how he peeled oranges so perfectly. Reminiscing on his answer now, I feel like blasting through life is much like it. “Apply even pressure and slide the knife through the skin. Do not hack or saw off the skin…slide.”

Apply even pressure.

Do not hack. Do not saw. Slide.
Find your rhythm in life and gracefully move through it.
Do not hack or saw. Slide.

Well now that I can peel my own oranges, I feel like I’m also learning how to slide through life. I can hang my skin in my kitchen window sill with pride like the old people do..and I can sliiiide.

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