The Truth of the Matter Is

They say “the truth shall set you free.”
It doesn’t.
..unless you act on it.

This has never been more true for me than in my relationships with people.

Maya Angelou has famously been known to have said, “When someone shows you who they are, believe them.” Before I knew that it would be worth it, it was depressing and tiring – leaving friendships, closing doors, opening new ones..

One of my manipulators hissed at me one day, “you’ll die alone..” and for a while I kept that idea close, believed that I had to stay..or else I would end up alone and unloved..that version of me needed much more bravery then, to walk away, than I do now.

..but alas, the truth of the matter day you will walk into the rooms that refresh you instead of exhaust you.. By acting on the truth that “You are worth more than this..”, you foster an energy around you that gathers momentum every time you ACT on this knowledge. This ball of energy eventually stirs wildly enough around you that you start to open new doors and become pleasantly surprised when…they show up for you, they love you, they even really like you..they don’t wish to hurt you, though not perfect, but they are true..they are truth.they act kindly on the love they say they have for you. They reflect your truths. They reflect beauty.. all because, you were brave enough to ACT on the truth that “I am worth more than this..”

One day…your actions will set you free, if you keep believing in yourself enough to take them..

– JanBerry

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