Close the door on false narratives

Closing the door..

Picture this, you close the door on a person or situation and think to yourself, well alright..! The door is closed, and I’m just going to move on now!

Not quite..

You hear a soft rap on the door, and ohhh, now you realise that you have only walked a few steps away from it. You thought you had gone miles already! It’s tempting to re-open it. After all, you can hear the knocking..

Some doors need to stay closed. Though seemingly benign, they are gateways – access points to a narrative that you no longer believe a story that you’re no longer a character in..

Reopening the door would be like saying, yes, “I am the character in your story… “
It would be like saying yes, to your role..your assignment.

Keeping the door closed means you no longer live inside of that act, or scene or play.

Opening the door is agreement, and our lives are directly formed by the stories we agree to.

Let’s say I came to you and told you that I am a rocket man and I can fly you to the moon in my rocket and you agreed to go.. Would it not be entirely disorienting if I continued to tell you we are in my rocket ship flying to the moon whilst you know that what you’re actually feeling is the salty sinking feeling of pressure building up around you as if submerged in the deepest portions of the sea. You feel this, but I continue looking you dead in the eye and saying, “Yes, we’re flying..we’re in space..” You have two choices in that moment – ignore your feelings and the truth of them and what they are helping you to affirm or believe my story and live in the drowning illusions of untruth. Narratives are truly dangerous things my friends.

Some doors…for the sake of humanity, close them…then…keep them closed…

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