On the evolve path, at any given moment in time, you’re moving closer into yourself. You’re moving closer toward that self that is a mix of who YOU were specifically meant to be, but also the type of human that we were all meant to be. Committing to becoming that person means that you have discipline to stay on the path. Your choices today and reminders to yourself that you ARE growing, even when you don’t feel like it, have outcomes. You’re already reaching for the greater aspect of yourself so encourage yourself. The people you meet today have no concept of the versions of you that have come before now. The people you meet today most likely won’t understand that you don’t always look like what you’re becoming. You might not look like your future in the smaller moments that that very future is composed of.

A quick example to illustrate the point is extreme weight loss. If you’re trying to lose weight and you start at 500lbs. At 350lbs, you will meet someone who doesn’t understand the activities that helped you lose 150lbs. Your goal weight may be 200lbs which means that you will have 150lbs left to lose until you reach your goal weight. You may make choices at times that rob you of your own conviction and you feel like you’re back at square one. However, you also know that in getting from 500lbs to 350lbs, you had more days of discipline and sticking to your vision of who you’re becoming than days of doubting yourself and your ability to get to your goal weight of 150lbs. At 350lbs, you could still be the ridicule of people who judge you against your own vision for yourself.

Commitment to your path is a hard-driven bargain. Count on yourself and you’ll see the results. Push through the doubts..doubts from others and doubts from within yourself. Every day, commit to your envisioned outcomes. Those outcomes fulfil your furtherance.

Furtherance – a word for today – a contract you make with yourself to grow.

Keep going/growing…let no-one stand in your way..even yourself..

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