Giving energy to the AWESOME!

When I published my first book, ‘Godcall’, I really was an entirely different person. My core and divine sensibilities were all there but so were my struggles and resolving them 10 years later led me to writing ‘The Inside Story’.

‘Godcall’, if I am truthful is a much better book than ‘The Inside Story’. They are both a collection of thoughts, but in different formats. ‘Godcall’ is a story written in poetry and ‘The Inside Story’ is one written in prose.

Technically speaking, I wish I could do more for ‘The Inside Story’ on my own, but some things have to be done outside of one self…from the vantage point of objectivity, in order to balance the writing for the sake of someone outside my head. I need a great editor to take the book and make it greater, and that will be done in time. If it is never done, it will be because the book served its purpose and is no longer needed, not by author or by its eventual readers. Its all good..we will see how it goes.

I have taken down ‘Godcall’ and ‘The Inside Story’ from Amazon.

I will focus on pushing ‘The Dream’ book series. As I continue to streamline my energy, focus and purpose, it helps me laser in to what is adding and what is hanging.

Those two books are ‘hanging’.

The Dream is an AWESOME book.
Godcall is a good book.
The Inside Story is ‘okay’ but it is not GREAT.

I am going to put all my energy into my AWESOME!

Book 2 in ‘The Dream’ book series is currently being written.


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