Hi! I’m JanBerry

Hello! 👋🏾 Jan here, and I am a creative and author from Trinidad, in the Caribbean..the Carib-beeeean, according to Kermit..🐸 It’s okay, if you didn’t catch that. 🤦🏾‍♂️

I wanted to introduce/re-introduce myself. I’ve been soap-boxing on here for a little while now. I really really love to write, and though I don’t really have a main topic, my books tend to center around de-compositing gender. Mostly, I just share about life in general on here, and I do that because we just hear so many platitudes bouncing around, and I wish that more often we could see and read stories that ground these ideas and principles into real life actions..

I think external advice really only holds when it’s being confirmed by your inner voice, so getting clarity on what that voice is saying is super important. So that’s one of my main things, you know, that ‘inside story’…what’s YOUR story?!

Pressing boldly into my own story and personal evolution continues to come with a lot of gritty stuff. It’s not easy to be honest. It’s challenging but I embrace it, and what it tends to mean is that today’s version of me may not be tomorrow’s version. Though the core of me remains unchanged, I am continuously evolving. I just find that to be such a beautiful thing…change.

I have this persistent idea that none of us are (or are meant to be) polarized. Though gender might be my area of exploration and curiosity, I think we could all benefit from unboxing ourselves from a binary view of ourselves in all areas of our lives… By binary, I mean seeing one’s self as ‘this’ or ‘that’ versus both/and. Duality, which is my other main idea.

📸: @elliot.francois.fotography

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