High X is born

A baby takes 6 – 9 months to form, and even once out of the womb, there are many phases of growth and development. Can we un-pack ‘instant’? Can we release the NOW of personal power?

It is a journey, more has to be un-packed, than added. It is mostly about deleting programs and less about adding subroutines. You are already everything you are, and you are growing into revealing it. If you are not aware of all that you already are, you will be stuck and this is also a process of devolution.

Whether you are growing up or going down, it is taking its cool time. Be patient, with yourself and with others.

HyxH is patient with evolution.

Follow @hyxh.lifestyle on Instagram for the drippety drip drops..

#hybrxdhumans #hybridhumans #hyxh #hyxhlifestyle #beinghuman

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