Man-Seed. Woman-Seed.

Man-Seed. Woman-Seed. Both seeds are frustrated and sad because the gardener comes out into the garden and waters only woman-seed, ignoring man-seed. Woman-seed only has the capacity to become a small sprout but gardener stands over woman-seed, constantly pouring woman-water and waiting for a flower to bloom.

No-one sees man-seed.

Gardener invites other gardeners to come and see his budding flower. Man-seed knows it can grow up tall and strong and bear fruit if gardener would only look at it – only see it – only water it with man-water.

Man-seed decides to water itself – summons rain and sun to its aid, until it can attract new gardeners and visitors to the garden who will water both seeds in proper ratio. Man-seed sees itself. Man-seed waters itself. Man-seed loves itself. Man-seed begins to grow. Man-seed is happy to be growing, to be visible, to get man-water and shade and love.

Even woman-seed is growing, because woman-seed not burdened with growth of whole plant anymore, just only woman-seed part.

Deep down in the soil…in their and woman-seed are happy.


In 2008, I commissioned the artwork seen above, from Trinbagonian fine artist, Jason Jarvis.

It has taken me 13 years to find the words to describe what the pit of my soul was trying to communicate through the visual.

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