never never never give up

Bear with me, I just want to share something with ya.

I’ve got to a climax, a resting place that I’ve been fighting to get to for the last 5 years. When I decided, at the beginning of 2016 to shift gears…hard, I couldn’t have fathomed everything that the journey would involve, but I knew that no matter what, I’d stick to the main choice..prioritizing the sovereignty of my soul, my mental health, personal growth and prosperity in every way.

Looking at my path from the outside in, it would have seemed scattered and devoid of clear direction. For me, the starting point was realising that although I was disciplined, diligent, and genuine, my life was not a happy one.

So, I started dismantling…I had to unravel and unpack, and this can, oftentimes, seem counterproductive… directionless.

Getting to the root of things can feel like wasted, and misaligned energy when the current states are still a result of the past, instead of the outcome of new choices and new pathways.

In the reformulation of yourself, to some, and even to your very self, it will look like a bleak and hapless road. So many times, I thought to myself that I’m heading nowhere and I should just stop because I’m tired. At those times, I would take my moment, or my day of despairing and then continue pushing on.

What I’m wanting to remind you (and myself 🙂) about here is that there is a compounding effect of forming different habits, and giving oneself over to those new thoughts and choices. It’s adding up in the cosmos. Even when you only see minuses in front of you, it’s adding up.

Don’t give up.

Once you don’t give up, you will grow and the new pathways will slowly give way to your mind, in your heart, and in your circumstances..

Just, please…never never never give up!

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