The Forty series – Fear

The #forty series is an exploration of the good F-words that have been helping me to craft a more joyful and productive life.


I started to look at fear as a starting point instead of an ending point. Once I learn what my next step should be, it has become a matter of doing it. Fear is simply unfamiliarity. I haven’t done this before, so I’m afraid of it. It doesn’t matter how anxious I am about doing what needs to be done or how uncertain I am of the outcome or my chosen method. If it has to be done, then even, trembling, I will do it.

I recently disengaged completely from my father and brother. I have done the same with other relationships, but most of those were not as central to how people view you as a person when you don’t hold on to THESE specific relationships…familial ones. Once you experience the massive improvements in your life from evolving forward into expanding energy spaces, it becomes harder to reconcile those energies in your orbit that try to manipulate you into staying at their vibrational level.

Most people will never get it and will disagree with my choice. That is an unfamiliar place for me as a recovering people pleaser. I have become more connected with the wholeness and health of doing what needs to be done. Fear, redefined as unfamiliarity, means I am not angry, I am not broken, I am just done – a new and different action is now required.


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