The Forty Series – Flux

👋🏾’s been a little while since I’ve shared here consistently but I had thought of this neat little way to communicate a few things, so sharing. Day 1 of 8.. 👋🏾

The Forty series
The #forty series is a seven day exploration of the good F-words that have been helping me to craft a more joyful and vibrant life.


I wrote a book which heavily featured flux, a gelatinous goop that IS time. The first book in my fiction series, ‘The Dream’ is a storybook that delicately expands on love, gender and sex. Central to the plot-line of the book was the slow revelation of what the flux was and how the characters interacted with it.

Flux was, conceptually, a way for me to describe the experience of everything changing in direct response to changing oneself…changing what you let go of, and what you keep…the idea that whatever you idealize, you materialize, even when you don’t realize that you’re doing that.

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