The Forty Series – Forgiveness

The #forty series is an exploration of the good F-words that have been helping me to craft a more joyful and productive life.


Forgiving yourself is so important. Letting go of your past mistakes can be the turning point between you growing and you devolving. There is energy attached to mistakes that you don’t release. You can be carrying them as a burden. You did it, okay. Now, let it go. You’re a changed person, okay, now walk in the stance of that new person instead of tethering yourself to the shadows of your former self.

Now that I’ve begun setting the boundaries that I needed to set, I have so much more energy and bandwidth to do this kind of self-forgiveness. There were some things that were tightly packed together – placed in blurry places – not knowing where my responsibility began and others ended, and it was all because of ‘boundaries’. This extends as powerfully to my business as it did and does to my personal life. Learn. Let go. Move on.

Forgive yourself and get better.

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