The Forty series – Freedom

The #forty series is an exploration of the good F-words that have been helping me to craft a more joyful and productive life.


This was the day I decided I was going to remove my breast tissue and begin testosterone treatments.

Every new decision that has come as a result of that one would work itself out. And so far, it has indeed worked out, every new consideration.. every time I learn something new about myself because of my chosen life road..

This day was a Saturday – I had gone on a long drive, because I just really love those..plenty road to think..5 hours of driving from start to finish – one way.

To me, freedom is like that road..a moving target, an actionable noun. If I am too attached to what I envision, I tie myself to those expectations and lock myself in. I become trapped instead of free. Freedom for me, feels like allowing myself to grow and change, arc to new desires and goals, expand and be changed by the road even as I move along it.


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