Love these Walls Down

I released a dub single in 2019, “Love these Walls Down”. voice is no longer as light and high pitched as heard in the song though.

It’s deeper now and has gotten a bit of a husky texture to it.

I laugh harder.

I speak louder.

I haven’t tackled singing anything.. honestly I haven’t quite figured out to use this voice for that..😂 and I don’t think it’s settled in it’s place fully yet, because it continues to deepen notch by notch..and sometimes, it even cracks..

So what do you call that..voice in progress? 🤔🤔 listen and/or buy the song, search Janberry on Apple Music. The song title is Love these Walls Down and it costs $0.99 US.

#androgenization #testosterone #selflove #healingself #beingself #being #hybridhuman #dub #scratchperryinspired #dubsingle #dubmusic #transitional

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