Life itself

Bloganuary – Day 5 – What brings you joy in life?

Life itself.

I wasn’t always a happy person, but I feel joy about the fact that I changed this for myself, and now, every moment of my life is truly joyful.

There are times when I feel like I may not get to my most preciously held dreams, but I return to the joy of knowing that I am passionate about continuing to work on this, and those doubts don’t stick around very long.

I am truly and deeply happy..satisfied with my life, and just this, in and of itself, brings me even more joy.

It’s like a diminishing return.

I find joy in the things I’ve surrounded my self and my home with – plants, warmth.
I find joy in my ability to make myself something delicious and healthy to eat.
I find immense joy in building my body into a continuously stronger version of itself, and seeing that process visually.

My mind and the opportunity to expand it, in my work, brings me joy.

Working in a healthy environment, amidst caring and loving people, where I can stretch my full expression of myself toward the work, which is also work I love doing, brings me joy.


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