Setting up to Rain

Bloganuary – Day 6 – Write a short story or poem about rain.

Trinidadians say, “It’s setting up to rain.”

The sky is giving us forewarning that a downpour is on the near horizon, if not just above us.

Tidal blockades of water are waiting to wash into our lives, and rain on our parades.

This sunny charade is not meant to last forever, because the rain is ‘setting up’.

Can you feel the misty, tepid drops oozing out of the wet air?

It’s time to get inside before it wets your hair, unless you are inclined to let the puddles drown your sorrows, and cast new shadows, as the sun hides away.

It’s getting ready to be a different scene.

It’s getting ready to wash the slate clean.

It’s setting up..

setting up to rain.

– Jan Berry

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