The Alchemist

Bloganuary – Day 10 – Has a book changed your life?

The Alchemist by Paolo Coello

When you can’t pinpoint a specific moment in a book when it has shrunk your imagination into itself, chewed it up, then blown a larger one like gum, it’s a win.

This is what The Alchemist did for me. It just sunk in. I still cannot explain the morale of the book, but I feel it.

It is a small book and to me, small books are incomparable. A lot of authors just write and write and write some more but altogether, unnecessarily. No, not The Alchemist. Every bit of the work compels you toward its end.

In a nutshell, this is what I feel about the book today, right this minute.

You can create an end at the start, if you know that you are all parts. You are the very beginning and end.

The book follows a quest that needn’t have been a quest but without a quest there would be no discovery that made the quest worth it.

Beautiful, beautiful book.

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