I’ve compiled my past work and media coverage here that you can check out. You’re welcome to listen, download or purchase. See links below. Enjoy!

Godcall – Book. 2009. Self-published. This book can be purchased on Amazon for Kindle.

Godcall CD
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JanBerry · Godcall CD

Love these Walls Down


Production/Mastering: Mark ‘Jah Servant’ Giles
Composition/Vocals: Jan ‘JanBerry’ Mc Kell

You can listen or purchase this single at CDBaby or iTunes/Apple Music

Single (un-mastered). 2011. ‘Walk the Line’ by JanBerry
Guitars, Production and Vocals by JanBerry

JanBerry · Walk The Line

Between 2004 and 2005 I performed with Ten Sisters, a poetry and song troupe that toured the island doing performances, produced by Fish Ink Press as well as being featured in other events. This was a time of great expression for me, and I will never forget the warmth of the ‘Ten Sisters’…