Ampersands: a gray area

I feel like the reason most people need to know whether you are a man or a woman is to know how to treat you..which biases to employ. The people that have seen me have felt me with their hearts - and used the eyes that aren’t on their face. I think from those eyes, perhaps everything looks gray, because you can always feel the tension between multiple perspectives of the same truth.

Little Bird

“You’ve changed little bird.” - Sandor Clegane
“Without Little Finger and Ramsey and all the rest, I would have stayed a little bird all my life.” - Sansa Stark
- Game of Thrones Season 8 Episode 4

The Boxer

11th round, and body swole inside, 12th approaching, it's a fight for pride. Whether coach or trainer, manager or supporter, the boxer enters alone. Sweat underarm, breathing out psalms..'tuck left..jab right'..'duck..fight' shoulders weak but don't drop ‘em tired spirit but don't give in take the pain to the body this round is mine only me … Continue reading The Boxer