Short Stories

Node’s Tussle

Rizzo gently picked up the chicken as he stepped forward. “Where were you going anyway? There are wild dogs out there.” “One of these days I’ll leave you to your wits and see what comes of it.” Node clucked defiantly, as if to test Rizzo’s statement, making her chuckle. “Okay, then.” Node had one stray […]


The Bearing

Touli walked up to the door with a quirky smile and rapped once, rubbing her temple anxiously. Honey came to the door in a bronze leotard beaming with childlike pride. “Did you get it?!” “I did.” “Well?” “Sonziwe Lamak” “What’s that?” “That’s his name, and he will bear five seeds for us. Amit, Sult, Jaz, […]